The  ASSE  Certifications  Offered  at  These  Classes :

ASSE 6005 Medical Gas Specialist

ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer

ASSE 6015 Bulk Medical Gas Installer

ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Inspector

ASSE 6030 Medical Gas Verifier

ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Maintenance


Regarding ASSE 6010 and ASME IX Medical Gas & Vacuum System Installer Certification:

The NFPA-99-1993-4-, NFPA-99-1996-4-, NFPA-99-1999-4-, NFPA-99-2002-, NFPA-99-2005- and the NFPA-99-2012- standards require installation brazers of medical gas and vacuum pipeline systems to be ASME-IX certified.

The NFPA-99-2002-, NFPA-99-2005- and the NFPA-99-2012- standards require installers of medical gas and vacuum systems to be ASSE 6010 certified.

Doug Ostraat, from Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Corporation, is an ASSE 6050 and 6055 certified medical gas system instructor, with 43 years of medical gas and vacuum system experience, who provides training, testing and certification for medical gas and vacuum system installation and brazing.

Installers are thoroughly trained during a 4 day, 32 hour course, on the proper installation of medical gas and vacuum systems. The installers must then pass a written test to become ASSE 6010 certified.

The installers are also trained on the proper techniques of medical gas pipeline brazing. They then braze test pipe joints, which are taken to our certified testing laboratory, where they are tested by an AWS and ASME certified welding inspector.

All the NFPA-99 required brazing procedure specifications, procedure qualification records and brazing performance qualification records are completed by Green Mountain Medical Gas Services and provided to the installer’s company, along with all the applicable standard books, in an easy to maintain manual for each installer. A company manual is also provided.


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